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Peace proc
Fence, October 01, 2003

UN Watch: Jean Ziegler, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food:
He states, for example, that "[t]he building of the security fence/apartheid wall constitutes a violation of the obligation to respect the right to food because it does not follow the 1967 border." Similarly off-topic, Ziegler reports that "if there were no settlements, then there would be no need for harsh internal closures."

Jonathan Pollard's Yom Kippur Letter to PM Sharon: On the eve of Yom Kippur, when Heaven reviews and judges our actions, I write to express my extreme dismay over your designation of our People as a nation of "beggars".

I was absolutely disgusted to learn that during a cabinet discussion about your recent meeting with President Bush, you explained that you hadn't asked for my release because "Beggars can't make noise"! J4JP Release - October 2, 2003
Shimon Peres

Lt. Col. Shlomo Baum, who was Sharon's deputy in the legendary 101 unit in the ‘50s: "Shimon Peres doesn't care if Israel becomes a heap of ashes, as long as he - Peres - stands on the top of the heap." Noah's Ark on Rothschild Blvd. by Moshe Feiglin Sep 25, '03

Ian Buruma in The New York Times. "The Palestinian cause has become the universal litmus test of liberal credentials." COLUMN ONE By Caroline Glick: The land of delusion Sep. 19, 2003 The Jerusalem Post

Peace Process
"ManhigutEn" <> 17 Sep 2003 Oslo and the WTC
Without September 13th there would have been no September 11th. The Oslo Agreement was also responsible for the collapse of the WTC twin towers. Without the despicable handshake between Rabin, Arafat, and Clinton on the 13th of Sept. 1993, the twin towers would not have collapsed on the 11th of Sept. 2001.

It is customary to explain the Oslo Agreement as a peace agreement intended to end a physical conflict centering around the ownership of a piece of territory. This is just a smokescreen, but it seems that there is no alternative for the "cultured" public. Even the attack on the WTC twin towers, in which there is no territorial dispute in the background, and no war between armies and nations, was explained by the blind Western way of thinking by means of old examples of physical conflicts. Such conflicts can be comprehended from a secular viewpoint, and can be solved using our limited range of concepts. The Americans needed a country and an army to fight against, and Saddam Hussein supplied the goods. The Israelis needed a country and an army to make peace with, so they brought Arafat and invented for him a nation, an army, and a country.

Both Israel and the US are afraid to confront the truth since they lack the cultural tools to understand it and therefore to face up to it.

Even more serious, the cultural basis, the basic ethos on which Israel and the US were founded, is undermined and is liable to collapse if they were to understand the language used for fight against them. Israel and the US cannot permit themselves to wage religious wars, because this totally conflicts with their culture.

The Yesha Council stated, "We remain steadfast that terrorism can be defeated by aggressive means, and not by hiding behind walls... The partition as decided upon yesterday, however, is clearly not a political wall, but rather a security partition, and is therefore a failure for those political elements who wished to take advantage of it as a springboard to create a Palestinian state in all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza." Arutz Sheva News Service Oct. 2, 2003